• Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 6
  • Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 5
  • Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 4
  • Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 3
  • Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 2
  • Gemme di Roma - Zaffiro 1

Room Description

Each of our rooms is named after a precious gem, reporting the characteristic color, the whole of the furniture.

The Sapphire, in all its heavenly shades, is a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy and divine favor. Often used as a talisman, the glass was always chosen to preserve the purity, to discover fraud and treachery, to protect the wearer. And still it is a noble stone learning, mental acuity, mental activation and spiritual quest.
Its blue color brings order and healing for the mind, giving strength and attention, as well as the ability to see beyond the surface appearances, using a deeper understanding.

Conditioned Air: Yes Wi-Fi Gratis: Yes
Satellite and terrestrial LED TV: Yes Electronic Safe: Yes
Minibar: Yes Terry towels: Yes
Hairdryer in each room: Yes Towel warmer in the bathroom: Yes
Toiletries: Yes Kit tea and herbal tea, supplied: Yes
Cot for babies up to 2 years: Yes Nonsmoking: Yes