• Gemme di Roma - Rubino 5
  • Gemme di Roma - Rubino 4
  • Gemme di Roma - Rubino 3
  • Gemme di Roma - Rubino 2
  • Gemme di Roma - Rubino 1

Room Description

Each of our rooms is named after a precious gem, reporting the characteristic color, the whole of the furniture.

The Ruby is always a stone tied to the nobility, as to be considered the most magnificent of all gems. The ancients believed to be more valuable than the other minerals, including diamonds. Revered in most cultures throughout history, the ruby has always been seen as a talisman of love, protection and prosperity. It symbolizes the sun and its bright color is like a flame unquenchable. It has long been used as an amulet to ward off plagues and pestilences and worn, he warned of imminent danger, and protected the health and banished sadness and negative thoughts. It was thought bring peace, depart nightmares, would increase the will to live and help to resolve disputes.

Conditioned Air: Yes Wi-Fi Gratis: Yes
Satellite and terrestrial LED TV: Yes Electronic Safe: Yes
Minibar: Yes Terry towels: Yes
Hairdryer in each room: Yes Towel warmer in the bathroom: Yes
Toiletries: Yes Kit tea and herbal tea, supplied: Yes
Cot for babies up to 2 years: Yes Nonsmoking: Yes