• Gemme di Roma - Opale 5
  • Gemme di Roma - Opale 4
  • Gemme di Roma - Opale 3
  • Gemme di Roma - Opale 2

Room Description

Each of our rooms is named after a precious gem, reporting the characteristic color, the whole of the furniture.

The Opal is known for its property of splitting the light into its component colors; precisely why the ancients believed that Opal had the ability to “lighten” the ideas and strengthen memory. The ancient Romans believed might give prophetic powers to the wearer.
Considered a stone strongly associated with emotions, including l`amore, passion and spontaneity, l`Opale it says aid to visualize, to imagine, to dream and to heal.

Conditioned Air: Yes Wi-Fi Gratis: Yes
Satellite and terrestrial LED TV: Yes Electronic Safe: Yes
Minibar: Yes Terry towels: Yes
Hairdryer in each room: Yes Towel warmer in the bathroom: Yes
Toiletries: Yes Kit tea and herbal tea, supplied: Yes
Cot for babies up to 2 years: Yes Nonsmoking: Yes